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Alive & Shine is a Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Studio Founded in 1992 by an authentic Indian yogic lineage, Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri created Purna Yoga, Heartfull Meditation &  Lifestyle in order to spread genuine methods of self-love & real yoga. Our teachers are all 500hr, 2000hr and 4000hr certified Purna Yoga Teachers. 

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Our online membership is a space that allows you to have the freedom that most social platforms don’t allow. Watch videos, join classes, learn tips, join groups, chat with friends, watch legendary teachers, and truly grow. Yoga is from inside out.  Our network is powered by Mighty Network, a fantastic platform that gives you modern usability.  A Community for Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle Classes & Workshops. Enjoy Groups, Conversation & More.

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